Pre-Algebra Tutoring

Pre-Algebra - Tutoring in Los Angeles intends to provide instructional guidance to help students master the basic skills of Pre-Algebra and move smoothly to the next level of Algebra. Pre-algebra is a common name for a course in elementary math. Pre-algebra includes several broad subjects:

  • Review of natural- and whole-number arithmetic
  • Introduction of new types of numbers such as integers, fractions, decimals and negative numbers.
  • Factorization of natural numbers.
  • Properties of operations (commutative, associative, distributive, reflexive and so on).
  • Simple roots and powers.
  • Rules of evaluation of expressions, such as operator precedence and use of parentheses.
  • Basics of equations, including rules for invariant manipulation of equations.
  • Variables and exponentiation.
  • Pre-algebra often includes some basic subjects from geometry, mostly the kinds that further understanding of algebra and show how it is used, such as area, volume, and perimeter.

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